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Author: baoadm

You may experience one or a couple of skin issues around the eye area. Mainly, people experience dehydration/dryness, milia, pigmentation, and wrinkles.Different reasons cause those skin issues, and here Dr.Bao listed the reasons and solutions. Reasons:

Are you experiencing sensitivity? Have you ever experienced sensitivity? What is sensitive skin?Sensitive skin is not a skin disease that doctors can diagnose. It is a skin condition that may cause itchiness, burning sensation, redness and inflammation when the skin

What is “Maskne”?Skin irritation caused by mask and another face cover.Skin irritation typeRedness/Rosacea Itchiness Eczema Rashes Breakouts clogged pores and acneWhat causes “Maskne”?Material Proper fit of the mask (must be fit properly) Allergy (related to material, you must

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