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For all skin types

30 mL & 120 mL


For all skin types 

Gently eliminate dead skin cells to clear the way for the natural ingredients to fully absorb within your skin. Achieve softer and more balanced skin that appears bright and refreshed. 

Consisting of 99% Galactomyces, this serum may boost your skin’s metabolism and collagen production. Restore your skin and enjoy a youthful appearance and softer, more supple skin. Quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars and enjoy firmer and uniform skin.



Naturally and gently reduce the appearance of aging and enjoy improved vitality. Consisting of 99% galactomyce, this serum may boost your skin’s metabolism and collagen production. 

Carboxymethyl beta-glucan, Galactomyces and saccharomyces ferment filtrates, Vitamin C, Active zinc

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Carboxymethyl beta-glucan, Galactomyces and saccharomyces ferment filtrates, Vitamin C, Active zinc

carboxymethyl beta glucan

Carboxymethyl beta-gluca

Enhances the skin’s defense system

Improves natural repair processes

Reduce sensitivities



saccharomyces helps soothes dry skin best serums found at bao laboratory

Galactomyces and saccharomyces ferment filtrates

Rich in essential nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and beneficial metabolites

Nurtures and rejuvenates the skin by providing the essential nutrients it needs

Leaves skin feeling healthy, supple and revitalized




kiwi for brighter skin used in serums by bao laboratory

Vitamin C

Potent antioxidant

Boosts overall immunity and improves the appearance of aged and fragile skin

Key factor in collagen synthesis

Clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation


zinc helps retain elasticity on skin good for treating acne as well best serums found at bao laboratory

Active zine

Essential to the proliferation of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen fiber

Reduces skin inflammation and acne




Product Highlights

bao laboratory good for minimizing fine lines and wrinklesbao laboratory good for removing dark spotsbao laboratory natural skin serum with no parabensBao Laboratory Product Highlightbao laboratory veganBao Laboratory Product Highlight

How To Use


Dispense and apply 1 pump onto cleansed skin. Follow with moisturizer. (Shake well before each use.)


  1. Alexis

    Leaves my skin dewy and smooth. I will be saving up to buy this.

  2. Serena

    I bought the small size from BAO product and I love it. In the mornings I use this and apply it on my face. My face is velvety, soft and prepped for serums, moisturizers. It can almost feeling like a primer!

  3. Avery

    I have been starting use this product since June. This is an outstanding product. My results were instant, the product really helped my fine lines and moisturized my under eye very well. I’m really happy with this and haven’t found anything that works better.

  4. Ella

    Very effective product, I am sure I noticed the glow after using this on my face but also impressed for pore reduction or minimizing. I use the ultimate power infusing serum concentrate right before applying these serums. It has made all the difference skin care. While my usual serums alone do help fade acne scarring, this product makes my other serums work better. I think it is a wonderful booster for your other serums. My skin looks so much firmer and glassier. I am so happy with this product!!

  5. River

    Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!! You will notice an immediate plumping effect and fine lines just fade away! This serum has a nice, lighter consistency that I love since I have oily skin. I will definitely be implementing this serum into my regular skincare routine!

  6. Abigail

    I have been spreading out the use of trial 30ml for months now in case all else fails I know that even one use of this will bring my skin back from the dead. Leaves skin tacky not overly sticky like other serums. I always notice the next day that my skin is more supple and plump and with fewer imperfections. If you need a for sure hangover skin fix this is worth the coin. If you have the chance to seal the deal with their another product as well I also highly recommend.

  7. Maggie

    My sister used this product, so I also tried for my skin. This one is a must have! Love it and the result is smooth, hydrated skin and less wrinkles.

  8. Lennon

    It is how nice simple the package and bottle are. It feels good essence for the my skin. In my opinion there’s a good amount of product for the price. I like that it has a pump dispenser. The pump works great. The product is great at making the skin look hydrated and moisturized. It feels good on the skin. This is a product I would recommend.

  9. Elizabeth

    It is one of the best product I ever have. No other beauty essence or skin care product has ever worked so quickly to smooth, make skin color even, or make skin look beautiful. I just started using it, so I can’t say the long-term effect, but from my previous experience, I think the long-term effect is also good. It’s worth the price and the big bottle is on my shopping list.

  10. Blake

    This serum works very well for me, and my skin looks as plump and youthful. I was worried the any effect for my skin, but it is fine. The bottle is darling, and it is far easier to dispense the right amount of product that with my other brand. I would highly recommend this serum!

  11. Sawyer

    I’m always on the hunt for products that work with my skin. I have combination skin so finding products that don’t dry out make oily the rest of my skin is always a little tricky. My skin felt really great after using this product! I am starting to get some laugh lines and I could instantly see them starting to go away! I’ve never used any other serum before, and now I don’t need to find another! I love how this makes my skin look and feel! Just put a few drops on before bed and you are all set!

  12. Alexis

    Wow!! I have been using this product for about a month and I love it! I have naturally oily skin, and it moisturizes without causing breakouts. I can see a good reduction in my forehead wrinkles with use. Also, it’s not scented, which I love.

  13. Gracie

    I’ve only been using this product for a week and can already tell a difference on my skin. It feels firmer, softer and has me reaching for more. I will definitely purchase again when run out it.

  14. Gracie

    This serum is my new favorite for pluming, hydration and luminous skin. I was so excited about getting it in my favorite list!

  15. Scarlett

    I only start 1 week and it already noticed my skin feeling smoother and looking brighter! It does not feel sticky on the skin like a lot of other serums do, nor does it just sit on top of the face. It really sinks into the skin and does wonders! This is definitely something I would purchase during my next skincare shopping spree!

  16. Joy

    I only purchased 30ml because I worry about it does not fit my skin. I have super dry skin and after using this product my skin looks great, super moisturized and soft. Also I have noticed some amazing improvements in my skin, I don’t have a lot of redness anymore, definitely recommended. I will continue this product.

  17. Olive

    Within a few days I realized that my face was soft and might look younger! I usually like adding another beauty essence to my skin, but I do not need anymore. My face does not get dry or oily and get pimples! Absolutely recommended!

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