serum best for reducing the appearance of damaged areas caused by dehydration by bao laboratory
serum best for reducing the appearance of damaged areas caused by dehydration by bao laboratory
serum best for reducing the appearance of damaged areas caused by dehydration by bao laboratory
serum best for reducing the appearance of damaged areas caused by dehydration by bao laboratory
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For all skin types

30 mL

Heal strengthen the appearance of dry skin and replenish your skin’s natural barrier with this calming facial oil. It uses all-natural ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin to nourish and retain moisture from deep within for long-lasting benefits.  

The combined power of squalane and lotus wax works to leave your skin feeling and looking healthier, nourished, and renewed. See youthful looking and more supple skin right away as these potent ingredients work to rehydrate your skin’s moisture.


Tighten, refresh, and release stressed skin with a natural skincare routine. 

Lotus wax, Squalane, Jojoba

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  1. Rika

    I have wondered how squalane and lotus wax effect my skin. After using this oil I see my skin improve it’s texture and recovery a lot. I have oily t-zone and minor acne with large pores and this product help smooth out my skin and feels soft to the touch. It also help with some acne scars that I had. Skin has been less oily and made mymake-up look better as well. Heal damaged areas and rebuild your skin’s natural barrier with this calming facial oil. Predominantly formulated with squalane and lotus wax, these ingredients work together to recover, repair, and improve the texture of my skin.

  2. Eliana

    After much research into what works as a skin oil for dry skin, I wanted to try something with BAO product for a while. After reading so many reviews, I decided to take a chance and purchased the small bottle. So glad I did, as it has pretty much brought my 55 year old facial skin back to a much younger place. Scars have started to fade, and my skin has a much more supple and glowing feel and look. I wanted to make it moist and not sticky. This will do. Also, it feel like to leave a film on the skin, but the absorption power is quite good. Your skin looks bright and healthy. I like it very much. I feel that it is really useful for the tiredness in my daily life. This help me a lot.

  3. Layla

    I’ve always had trouble with beauty oil products. This is such a beautiful light oil and gives the skin such a radiant finish. It is very nourishing and leave my skin very soft. I use it both day and night.

  4. Cho-Hee

    Very good product. The oil is light. I purchased small bottle which is 15ml, but I will buy 30ml next time. If you worry about your skin get any effects, you can get small one first.

  5. Anna

    I use it together with eye serum of the same brand, but the texture of my skin has definitely improved. I work 10 hours a day, so no matter what I use on my face, my skin becomes rough and tired at the end of the day. Certainly, the texture of the skin is different from smooth and bright. There is no clogging of pores. Wonderful! My daily routine is not complete without it. I’ve been using this during the day and the nighttime recovery at night and my skin is improving! I love it. Would highly recommend.

  6. Penelope

    I love this product. I have oily skin, so I will apply a small amount to my skin and dry it. Also, I have sensitive skin, so my skin smarts a little at first, but there was no problem after using it for several days. It’s a valuable product.


    This product officially changed my skin this semester in college. This was my last semester, and I had been under a lot of stress, so I got a lot of raging rashes on my cheek. Because of that, my makeup has wrinkles and unevenness. After adding this to my routine, my face turned completely. When I applied it after the serum or under the moisturizer, pimples and redness disappeared completely. I can make up even without makeup!

  8. Elena

    I love this oil!!! It looks beautiful under makeup, but it’s perfect for days without makeup. It brightens the darkness under your eyes. The oil is not sticky, it’s light and fresh.

  9. Chloe

    This is the first product I get to try about BAO product and now I want to try them all. I have been using this oil consistently as part of my morning skincare routine and I absolutely love it. My skin is glowing. I love how lightweight it is. I highly recommend it. I’ve only been using this several days now, and there is already a noticeable difference in my skin tone. I have intensely dry/dehydrated skin and have been using 3 drops morning and evening in conjunction with my moisturizer. Well worth the price.

  10. Victoria

    I live in a humid area with extremely oily skin. I apply this oil every night before going to bed, but the next day I noticed that the amount of oil had decreased considerably. I used to wash my face with an oil controlled cleanser and sleep as it is. When I wake up, I have oily skin and the oil won’t stop the next day. Instead of removing the skin from the oil, I replenish moisture to dry skin and try not to make too much oil. It changed my skin greatly and I highly recommend it to people with oily skin. I think it’s luxurious.

  11. Charlotte

    Great item! My skin got better soon! It equalized the skin color and eliminated pimples.

  12. Sofia

    I have to say I love this product. My favorite face oil so far! I like BAOs oil. This oil has seriously changed my life! My skin looked more healthy, plump, the first few days of using this oil. Completely worth the price and I will be buying this for life!


    I have had an oily T-zone for 36 years and the first small wrinkles on the outer corner of my eyes and forehead. It is a partial oil, so I decided to use it before going to bed like a night cream. When I awoke, the wrinkles on my forehead were almost invisible. Also, the fact that the skin did not become more oily than before is a big plus. The wrinkles started to stand out in the evening, but I think it’s okay for daily use. I really recommend it!


    It’s not sticky at all, and I don’t think the scent is too strong! When I apply it at night, my skin feels much better in the morning. My skin is dry, so there is no problem. This is my first time using this item, but I will definitely buy it again!

  15. Onyx

    Helps keeping my skin hydrated. Using with another BAO treatment maximizing absorption.

  16. AMANDA

    Wow, I was surprised! As my age, my skin loses its moisture, but this item actively protects the moisture and keeps skin elastic and flexible. This item is the best for the recovery of skin lost by aging.


    The first oil I’ve ever felt like it made a difference in my skin leaving it hydrated without it being too oily because your skin easily absorbs it.

  18. Eva

    I have sensitive skin on my cheeks. I decided to stop using drugstore products and try something simpler and more natural. I chose this oil because it had a good reputation. I have been using both for about 2 weeks and my skin is very beautiful! There are no pimples at all, and it does not clog pores or make oily skin. It sank soon and actually suppressed the redness. After washing my face, while it is still moist, I rub 2 drops of oil on my palm, push it into my skin and massage it. In the same way, I apply it to the area under my eyes and eyelashes. I only use this oil and soap and my skin is great, great. I haven’t had such skin for a long time. I really like this oil, so I’ll keep using it.

  19. Zaid

    I used this for past few months since I had it on hand, all of a sudden after about 1 months I really began noticing how clearer, brighter my skin looked, not to mention the minimization of wrinkles, fine lines…realized, this stuff was working!! have not seen such great results with anything else pretty much I have used. love it!!


    After only using this product for 14 days I was able to notice great difference on my skin. Even friends mentioned it. My skin was smoother, firmer, my make up looked better. This serum also smells great and didn’t leave my skin greasy even though I have an oily type of skin. It was an easy to apply product. It was clear to me that the product work. I absolutely love it! I’ve felt the results already! My skin feels so much softer and firmer. I’ve already had complements! The one thing I truly like about it is the fact it’s not very think at all. I truly recommend this product to those with a combination of skin whether it’s oily or dry or a mix of both!


    Before I tried this oil, I tried all the commercial products. As soon as I stop taking medicine for pimples, my skin gets rough. To be honest, I am very impressed with this item. Acne is not cured at all … but the skin calms down (especially at a particular time of the month). The oil is light and does not make your skin dirty. I use it before applying ointment at night, but it is refreshing and feels good. Give it a try. I will definitely keep using it!


    This is my favorite morning routine product. This product alone transformed my skin. I’ve never had anyone complement my skin before using this. It transformed the texture of my skin and make it more smooth and radiant.

  23. Mila

    This stuff is AMAZING! My skin is happy, hydrated and glowing! I have very sensitive and acne prone skin but this product does not irritate it AT ALL!


    It is absolutely wonderful. I’m crazy about this. Clears acne, tightens pores, and suppresses blackheads in pores. I use it on my entire face before and during my period to prevent pimples, but other than that, I use it lightly in the T zone. I use it in the morning and at night. It makes my skin very beautiful, soft, transparent and supple. I’m crazy about it.

  25. Eun Ae

    I love this product. It is made to be worked with the serum in order to increase the effect. It gives a wonderful finish in terms of making the skin smooth. I use less things later, so I use less beauty essence and moisturizer! It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. In my opinion, skincare is always worth the luxury if you can afford it.

  26. Rose

    It’s amazing! I have oily acne skin and this oil is amazing! I use it at night, but it gets a little oily if I use it too much, but it moisturizes well and I can’t get pimples! Also, please rub the excess part with your hands without washing it off!

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