Naturally sourced. Scientifically developed. Uniquely yours.

Good skin care isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. The best results come from organic beauty products that are naturally sourced, and tailored to meet your needs. At BAO Laboratory, we’re here to provide the answer. Created by biochemists with a strong background in small molecule research, personalized skincare has never been in better hands. We deliver quality skincare in every bottle, formulated to see skin improve in 14 days. Ready to restore your complexion? Our natural ingredients are waiting to make you feel better than ever. 

Natural Scientific Solution

A high standard of skincare means organic ingredients that are naturally sourced. Keeping our products purely vegan and highly concentrated, efficacy and safety are our top priorities. Thanks to our unique formulation focus, our lightweight organic beauty products effortlessly sink into the skin, refreshing the complexion without artificial products. 

Small Molecule Formulation

Like all things, the devil is in the detail. Our team of chemists and biochemists formulated all products ourselves, with each scientific formula based on small molecules. In simple terms, this means there is no cream lotion, which would typically be large-molecule based. BAO Laboratory is the only brand to focus solely on small molecule formulation, meaning you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality bespoke skincare.

Organic Beauty for Naturally Healthy Skin

Enjoy rejuvenated and refreshed skin with natural ingredients.
Made with no artificial products that may do more harm than good.
And all naturally formulated and scientifically developed skincare products.

Specifically made for you

Experience 100% light weight formulas that sink deep into the skin with organic beauty skincare and vegan ingredients

Tradition of Quality

Pure vegan ingredients combined with vitamins, botanical extracts, and minerals create organic products that are made to restore your skin.
Our formulas,
  • Detox and refresh the skin
  • Reduce appearance of flakes, dullness, and fine lines
  • Rehydrate skin cells for a healthy glow

Our Excellence

As biochemists, we promise to deliver quality organic skincare formulas in every single bottle.
We combine small molecules and pure vegan ingredients with immense care put into every single product we create.

Personalized For You

When we formulate solutions, we separate water and oil-based products. Mix and match to suit your skin’s needs, with a personalized solution available for all. Not sure what to pick? Take our skin quiz to find out more.

serums for healthier and brighter skin available only at bao laboratory
background for natural ingredients by bao laboratory
serums for healthier and brighter skin available only at bao laboratory
background for natural ingredients by bao laboratory

Featured Reviews

I really like the products . . . The facial oil was great and I feel like the toner really worked.

- Carla -

The products came with a beautiful book about the entire line. It explains how to use the serums so they’ll be most effective. I’m really pleased with my new routine!

- Sarah -

It was good and I didn’t have any reactions. It moisturized my skin

- Sophia -

I’ve seen increase in skin clarity and brightness. I have drier skin that needs a little more moisturization and felt like I was glowing after a few days.

- Tina Z -

It helped me to have a better skin as it keeps it moisturized. I would recommend

- Elizabeth -


Our knowledgeable staff is here for you. If you have a question or a concern, please let us know.