anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
anti aging under eye serum by bao laboratory
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For all skin types

30 mL

Using potent and rare ingredients such as squalene and sacha inchi oil, this serum reduces the appearance of discolouration, hyper-pigmentation, and dark areas around the eyes. This powerful age-managing oil effectively targets problem areas and may boost collagen production for happy, youthful skin.

Unleash the restorative power of nature to visibly target signs of tired skin around your eyes and return a healthy radiant glow to your skin.



Unleash the restorative power of nature to visibly target signs of aging around your eyes and return a healthy radiant glow to your skin.

Vitamin E, Bisabolol, Squalane, Vitamin C, Sacha Inchi oil 

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Vitamin E, Bisabolol, Squalane, Vitamin C, Sacha Inchi oil 

Sacha Inchi oil 

  • Originates from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest
  • Nutritious oil and one of the richest vegetable sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Exceptionally high antioxidant and skin smoothing properties


  • Distilled from the Candeia tree
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Can help protect skin from dryness caused by daily environmental stresses  and soothe irritated skin
  • Restores suppleness and can help enhance the absorption of vitamins and nutrients


  • Naturally occurring substance in the skin
  • Can help to preserve moisture to maintain skin elasticity
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Leaves skin soft, radiant and hydrated and can help to slow the appearance of aging

Vitamin C 

  • Potent antioxidant
  • Can help accelerate renewal of skin cells and enhance skin cell metabolism for improved vitality
  • Can help stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Can help boost overall immunity and improve the appearance of aging skin

Vitamin E  

  • Powerful antioxidant and natural emollient
  • Can help stimulate skin cell regeneration, reduces irritation and diminish the appearance of fine lines
  • Makes skin feel radiant, smooth, and hydrated
  • Can help protect the skin from from environmental pollutants





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How To Use

Put one or two drops on your fingertips, and pat gently onto eye areas.DO NOT RUB!

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  1. Everly

    I love this PERSEPHONE EYE SERUM OIL. It makes my dry under eyes look great under makeup!

  2. Issitohbi

    My mother definitely like this product she’s currently over 50 and we saw a drastic change in skin texture. It made her skin look smoother and healthier as well as a light glow. I definitely recommend this product for a nice healthier glowing skin. This is one of the only eye serums I have ever used that I can see immediate results the next day.

  3. Sofia

    This product absorbs quickly making it possible for me to tap it into the entire eye area. I had tried a number of products before settling on this one. I have very sensitive skin, and many products have migrated into my eyes making them puffy and/or itchy and even in some cases break out into teeny, tiny pimples. As a serum, it does dry on the skin quickly, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling itchy or peeling. I like the extra protection around my eye area.

  4. Hina

    I have very dry skin. I chose this eye serum oil because of the reputation and the clean ingredients. I am not disappointed. I love the bottle, the pump is great, as you do not expose the product until you use it. It is light creamy and I do not notice a strong scent. I use it all around my eyes. It is not greasy. I do not think it reduces wrinkles quickly, but plumps up the skin because it feels hydrated.

  5. Aria

    I really think it has helped diminish the fine lines around my eyes. It is worth the money.

  6. Isla

    A wonderful eye serum oil I never have. It’s done wonders for my undereye area.

  7. Avery

    When you use this product, do not rub it. Just soft stroking. I love how this makes my eyes feel. You will not be disappointed.

  8. Genesis

    The area around my eyes gets dry easily, so I changed to this product. I am over 40 years old and I am very worried about wrinkles around my eyes. I tried many dermatologist products, none of which worked very well. But this serum seems to work. There is moisture, but it is not sticky and makes your skin bright. I love it!

  9. Avery

    I put the serum on in the morning before I put on my makeup. No more droopy eyes. Fantastic product. I bought this product with zero expectations and simply to satisfy my need to feel like I was doing something about my eyes–at age 44 they were saggy and losing their contour. This product started working immediately. I honestly cannot believe how effective it is. I have been using it for about 6 months and I’ve got my eyes back. I still can’t quite believe it.

  10. Naomi

    I LOVE this eye cream for day time!!! Looks beautiful underneath makeup but also perfect for those no makeup days. It truly does brighten the darkness underneath the eye area. It also smells amazing and I love that it’s a clean product!

  11. Leah

    This product was cool and helped my under eye area. I’m going into my 40s soon and have realized that the skin under my eyes are dryer than I would like. This product has really help me.

  12. Claire

    I like the texture of this serum, it’s smooth and absorbs quickly. I’ve using it for 5 months and I’ve seen the results. Overall, it has improved my tone and reduce my puffiness. I really saw a difference when I stop using it when I was on vacation for 2 weeks. My dark circles became darker. I still have dark circles but I doubt any treatment but make them disappear. I have to say though that they become worse when I am not using this serum.

  13. Kamdyn

    This is the best serum I’ve ever used. I don’t think I have ever felt the texture in the eye serum. It is thick and has a moist texture. One drop is enough, so don’t over pump!! My skin and eyes are very sensitive, so I’m always nervous trying new products. My skin and eyes are not irritated at all. I have always been concerned about the dark circles under my eyes, but now I have confidence in my skin!

  14. Bowie

    I have been using it daily for a little over 5 weeks. In that time, I have seen a decrease in my dark circles and I especially like the way it makes my under eye area look and feel hydrated. It’s not a liquid serum… it has the texture of a pore filling primer. I find that it applies easier if I warm it between my fingers first. I have extremely sensitive eyes and this product did not irritate my eyes at all. I use this product every day and I’m happy to include this product in my skin care routine! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an under eye serum for dark circles or fine lines.

  15. Bode

    I love this oil! It is hydrating and I can already tell that my dark circles are beginning to diminish.

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