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For all skin types

Enjoy the full spectrum of nature’s best restorative properties to fully and deeply hydrate your skin. Replace pigmentation and the appearance of aging skin with a nourished, fresh, and smooth appearance.

With all-natural ingredients, PROB5HA Full Spec Quenching Serum softens skin texture and revitalizes your skin barrier, repairing dryness caused by harsh environments. This powerful serum packs 300 times concentrated hyaluronic acid serum into each drop. BAO Laboratory’s naturally formulated serum effectively replaces harmful chemicals with the gentle power of nature. 




Experience fully and deeply hydrated skin like never before. Formulated with nature’s best restorative properties, this serum packs 300 times concentrated hyaluronic acid into each drop for a powerful nourishing effect. Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improve your skin’s appearance and texture. 


Allantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Licorice extract, Provitamin B5, Sodium PCA

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15 mL, 50 mL

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bao laboratory good for dry skinbao laboratory natural skin serum with no parabensBao Laboratory Product HighlightBao Laboratory Product HighlightBao Laboratory Product Highlight

How To Use

How to use:

We recommend mix 0.25 mL of ProB5 HA Serum with 4 drops of our famous Lotus squalane oil or Midnight Mirage oil products, on hand, then patting evenly on the face.

Mix together with Lotus Squalane Facial oil in the morning for a fast and effective morning skincare routine.




Allantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Licorice extract, Provitamin B5, Sodium PCA


allantoin is best for very dry skin best serums found at bao laboratory


Natural extract from comfrey plants

Soothing and hydrating

Protects skin from dryness caused by environmental factors and reduces the appearance of pores

Promotes a clear and fresh complexion


hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturized used in serums by bao laboratory

Hyaluronic acid

Natural polysaccharide that forms in our skin, tissues and joints

Plays a critical role in hydration and lubrication

Powerful moisturizers and humectants

Softens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles



licorice extract helps lighten skin complexion best serums by bao laboratory

Licorice extract

Contains an active soothing and conditioning agent that can relax dry and tired skin

Potent antioxidant widely used to reduce pigmentation and age spots

Makes skin feel radiant and rejuvenated



pro vitamin b5 helps keep skin soft smooth and healthy good for dry skin best serums by bao laboratory

Provitamin B5

Exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties

Penetrates multiple layers of the skin

Naturally soothes and protects irritated skin from becoming dehydrated



pro sodium helps reduce wrinkles and dryness best serums made by bao laboratory

Sodium PCA

Naturally occurring amino acid responsible for protecting the skin’s internal moisture barrier

Water-soluble moisturizer quickly penetrates the skin and binds water molecules to prevent dehydration






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How To Use

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