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What causes wrinkles?


Exposed to strong heat/AC/windy and dry weather/Strong UV/big temperature difference/wearing mask for a long time, are all matters. These environments could easily take away the skin moisture, causes improved skin surface temperature, higher temperature causes more redness, irritation, dehydration, and wrinkles.

Lack of Sleep

What time do you usually sleep? Try your best to keep a healthy sleeping cycle. Sleep before midnight. Skin cells cannot recover without good sleep.  


Stress stimulates hormones like cortisol and decreases skin barrier function, making the skin more sensitive and irritable. Try your best to release stress. It is good for your skin, also good for mental health.

Diet – mainly sugar

Sugar causes glycation, which means that the sugar that’s in your blood attaches to proteins, produces free radicals. Those free radicals break healthy skin cells especially collagen and elastin. Avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates, eat whole grains and fruits instead. 

Bad skincare habits

Overly cleanse, use wrong/harsh products (Avoid any scrub products!), do not wear moisturizer, touch the face all the time.

Stop all these bad habits right now! You are damaging your healthy skin barrier now! 

How to prevent?

Eat healthily, try to work out, try your best to release stress, drink water! 

Build a good skincare routine!