As the year draws to a close, your skin faces the challenges of changing weather and heightened sensitivity from frequent makeup application and removal. Explore the expert tips from BAO Laboratory on swiftly repairing damaged skin and unveiling a radiant complexion for those special occasions.

1. Opt for Gentle Cleansing Products

In times of skin sensitivity, it’s recommended to reduce makeup application, allowing the skin to take a break. If makeup is a must, steer clear of makeup wipes that can pull at the skin and avoid harsh soap cleansers.

Our Ambrosia Deep Nurturing Ginseng Cleansing Balm is a perfect pick. With its velvety balm texture, infused with cocoa butter and ceramides, it delicately eliminates sunscreen and makeup, preserving moisture and restoring the skin barrier.

2. Maintain Skin Hydration

Many instances of sensitivity arise from skin dehydration. During such times, we recommend minimizing the use of multifunctional products and focusing on soothing moisturizers.

Vitamin B5, renowned for its exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties, deeply penetrates multiple layers of the skin, reducing susceptibility to external irritants. Our best-selling PROB5HA Full Spec Quenching Serum contains both Provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, complemented by natural soothing ingredients like Licorice Extract and Allantoin, providing comfort to dry and fatigued skin.

For swift relief for sensitive skin, we also recommend the Galene 7 Hyaluronic Acid Bio Cellulose Gel Mask, enriched with seven molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid for instant redness reduction.

3. Replace Creams with Facial Oils

During winter, many people turn to thick creams. However, the large molecules in creams can create a film on the skin’s surface, potentially trapping bacteria, sebum, and impurities. Opt for natural and pure facial oils, enabling small-molecule nutrients to penetrate the skin and achieve a balanced water-oil state.

BAO Laboratory offers a selection of facial oils, with the Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil standing out as a highly acclaimed choice for sensitive skin. It facilitates swift repair of damaged skin, minimizing exposure to environmental irritants and reducing inflammation.