Trendhunter × BAO Laboratory: A Powerful Day & Night Skincare Set

BAO Laboratory is a Canadian skincare brand, founded by Toronto-based chemist Julia Bao. The company boasts a range of premium skincare products that are developed by molecular biologists and biochemists.
One of BAO Laboratory’s newest skincare bundles is the Day & Night C+“A” Set. This kit contains two powerful formulas—the Endymion’s Luminous C and the Demeter Regenerating Halo Serum Oil. The former is used in the morning, while the latter nourishes the skin at nighttime.
The Endymion’s Luminous C recipe is packed with 11 different types of vitamin C, two kinds of vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, ceramide, and natto gum. The blend elevates the health and appearance of one’s skin. The Demeter Regenerating Halo Serum Oil, on the other hand, regenerates and improves one’s complexion with squalane, bisabolol, and vitamin E.