When to Use Aloe Vera Gel in Skincare RoutineWondering when to use aloe vera gen in skincare routine? Well, we are here with all the answers you need in this regard.

If you happen to be someone who has spent a lot of time in the sun, then you are surely aware of all the benefits aloe vera gel poses for your skin.

Everything you need to know about aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is mainly popular for its soothing and cooling properties against a sunburnt skin. But, this gel is also great for ensuring hydration on your skin, provides silky smooth textures and also helps treat acne-prone skin. Not to mention, a lot of people have also introduced this product into their everyday hair care routine because of how flawless it is.

The best part about aloe vera is that it is very inexpensive, highly-versatile and readily available at drugstores. Some people even have aloe vera plants at their home to attain fresh gel whenever they need.

The formula of this pulpy plant is hydrating yet non-greasy. We know a lot of people like to think otherwise but that is not it. Aloe vera gel contains 96% water so it easily absorbs into your skin. Whereas all the other ingredients are packed into rest of the 4% which is why it is so hydrating and has been used for centuries.

Benefits of aloe vera gel

Combats acne

Another one of the many benefits of using aloe vera gel is that it slows down the ageing process. Aloe vera has collagen boosting properties, a protein that begins to decline in our body as we age. To keep your skin looking healthy, collagen is needed to maintain its elasticity.

By using aloe vera, you can give your skin the collagen boost it needs. In turn, your skin will continue to look health and fresh and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines.

Brings relief to sunburn

Aloe vera is mainly popular for treating inflamed skin. It brings relief to sunburn and soothes skin cells, giving them a cooling effect. Not to mention, aloe vera plant is also known for treating first and second degree burns.

Just make sure you don’t use artificial aloe vera. Any skin care product that is fragrant or has been infused with artificial colors can be harmful for your skin.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

You can also use aloe vera gel to treat dark spots on your body known as hyperpigmentation. There are various reason for hyperpigmentation such as hormonal imbalances, exposure to harmful chemicals and even sunburn.

This miracle gel contains vitamins, polysaccharides, lectins, water, minerals and other compounds that fight hyperpigmentation like a pro.

Moisturizes your skin

There are various aloe vera moisturizers available in-store or you can also create one of your own. Instead of using heavy moisturizers that may feel greasy on your skin. Using aloe vera as a moisturizer will keep your skin healthy and light as a feather.

Aloe vera is water based so it does weigh down on your skin. You can apply it even in summers when you skin feels most oily. You will see how it keeps your skin hydrated at all times.

When to use aloe vera gel in skincare routine?

So, now that you know all about the importance of aloe vera gel. Let’s go back to our original question, when to use aloe vera gel in skincare routine?

Aloe vera gel is a mild and non-irritating ingredient that can be used on all skin types. Just make sure you are using high-quality aloe vera that is free of fillers and alcohol. It will be most beneficial to use aloe vera directly from the plant. This way, you won’t have to worry about it being contaminated.

Method 1 – Use as a moisturizer

As we have mentioned earlier, aloe vera is an incredible source of hydration for thirsty skin. You can use it as a moisturizer once you are done with other step of your skin care regimen.

There are also moisturizers available that contain aloe vera gel as a top ingredient. If you’d like, you can get yourself a moisturizer that offers aloe vera gel in abundance along with other ingredients for absolute nourishment of your skin.

Method 2 – Use as a face mask

We recommend using a homemade aloe vera gel face mask if you have inflamed skin. You can also make a full-proof anti-bacterial treatment for you skin by adding honey to the combination. Apply it on your face and leave it there for a few minutes. Rinse and you will feel a massive difference in your skin.

We also found the aloe vera and honey face mask to be an incredible DIY mask for stressed out skin. Anytime you feel like your skin is breaking out or has been facing dormant weather, apply this face mask and let your skin breathe.

You can also add yogurt for pore cleansing treatment and little bit of lemon juice for exfoliation.

Method 3 – Use as a spot treatment

Another way to stop harmful bacteria from breaking out and to amp your skin’s blood flow is to use aloe vera gel as a spot treatment. You can apply it on the affected area and leave it on for the night. Wash your face gently in the morning and see how your skin glows.

Method 4 – Use it as a makeup remover

Aloe vera gel has cleansing properties. For those of you who want to adopt a more natural ingredient for a makeup remover can surely use aloe vera gel. Apply it on your skin and then remove it with makeup wipes.

It not only works great for makeup removal but also soothes skin during the cleansing process.

Method 5 – Use as an exfoliator

Lastly, you can use aloe vera gel as an exfoliator by mixing it with sugar crystals. Aloe vera gel contains salicylic acid which is a great exfoliating agent. When combined with sugar, aloe vera gel will help you get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin look healthier and plump.

Final thoughts,

Over the years, people have realized the benefits and importance of aloe vera gel. As you can see, even if you incorporate a little bit of aloe vera in your daily skincare routine, it can do wonders for your skin. It is readily available and you won’t even have to invest in pocket emptying skincare products for it to work.

Hopefully, we have given you certain amount of insight on how you can use aloe vera gel daily for your skin. Do let us how you add it in your skincare regimen. We would love to know your experience with aloe vera gel and how it made a difference to your skincare.