In the world of skincare, new and innovative ingredients are constantly emerging, promising radiant and healthy skin. One such powerhouse gaining recognition is fermented essence. But what exactly makes it a must-have in your skincare routine?

Fermentation is an ancient practice that transforms substances through the action of microorganisms like yeast and bacteria. In the context of skincare, this process involves breaking down compounds into smaller, more bioavailable molecules, creating a nutrient-rich elixir for the skin.

Enhances skin absorption

One of the key benefits of fermented essence is enhanced absorption. The fermentation process produces smaller molecules, making it easier for the skin to absorb the potent ingredients. This means that the beneficial components can penetrate deeper into the skin, providing more effective results.

Generates skin-benefitting substances

Moreover, fermented skincare products become nutrient powerhouses. As the fermentation process unfolds, it gives rise to antioxidants and amino acids—valuable elements that may not be inherently present in the raw ingredients. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, slowing down the skin’s aging process and providing protection against environmental damage. Without fermentation, the skin would miss out on these beneficial components.

Reduces the risk of Skin Irritation

In the realm of skincare, some natural raw ingredients carry potential skin irritants like heavy metals and pesticides. Fermentation helps neutralizing these irritants and transforming the product into a safer, more effective option, especially suitable for sensitive skin types. Additionally, yeast-driven fermentation produces unique substances that actively deter harmful microorganisms, providing an extra layer of defense against skin damage.

The main ingredients of Helios Ginseng Ferment Essence are a blend of four types of ginseng and a filtered solution fermented with 33 strains of lactobacillus. This formula penetrates deep into the skin’s layers, reducing 93.9% of free radicals within half an hour, thereby defending against UV damage, promoting even skin tone, and diminishing fine lines and blemishes.

As for Dionysus Elixir Toning Serum, it is particularly suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. With 99% Galactomyces, it stimulates skin metabolism and collagen synthesis, gently exfoliates, aids in the effective penetration of subsequent skincare products, balances skin hydration, leaving it soft, radiant, and resilient.