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You may experience one or a couple of skin issues around the eye area. Mainly, people experience dehydration/dryness, milia, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

Different reasons cause those skin issues, and here Dr.Bao listed the reasons and solutions.


1.Environmental damage

UV light, blue light, wind, extremely dry air-condition (AC/Heat).

2.Stress caused low sleeping quality

Block blood circulation around the eyes, creates dark circles, eye bags, and pigmentation.

3. Diet (lack of nutrition)

Lack of nutrition (vitamins and protein) can affect skin revitalization and cause loose skin elasticity, rough skin texture.

4. Wrong product

The product that is too heavy or too light, both are not the best for the sensitive eye area. It would help if you still had good enough hydration and lock it into the skin.

5. Rubbing

The main reason for milia. Stop to put your hand on your face! Also, make sure that you don’t rub when you use any eye care products!!!

6. Overly cleanse/Harsh cleanser

Make sure to use a mild but effective facial cleanser, avoid makeup wipes.


1.For dehydration/dryness

The skin around the eye and lip area is the thinnest on the face. It means that you should not use heavy products because it cannot hold on to such a heavy product.

We recommend organic skincare products like Intuition eye serum for combination/oily skin, Persephone Eye Serum Oil for dry/ extremely dry skin type.

2 Milia

Mainly caused by the excess of keratin. Gentle exfoliate and lightweight eye products will help.


Hydrates and moisturize properly will help to visibly reduce the wrinkles, keep the skin soft and tight. It is always the best way to prevent wrinkles, as well.

Our natural skincare products Intuition Eye serum contains peptides, which can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and smooth skin texture.


Pigmentation and dark circles are different. Dark circles are caused by circulation; pigmentation is caused by family genes, hormones, UV light, or blue light.

Persephone Eye Serum Oil is perfect for this skin issue, helping to refresh and revitalize the sensitive skin around the eyes.

5. Health lifestyle

When it comes to changing your lifestyle habits and protecting the skin around your eyes, Dr.BAO is a big advocate for what shows on the outside reflects what’s happening on the inside.

Getting more sleep, exercise, following a healthy diet are essential points to keep your skin healthy!

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