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Common skin issues caused by season change

People experience skin issues caused by the weather and temperature —the skin barrier is affected by the climatic change. A weakened skin barrier develops skin conditions such as atopic eczema, severe dehydration, dry patch, sensitivity, seasonal breakouts, skin redness, rosacea, etc.

Weather/climate change breaks body health rhythm and lowers the immune system. Skin is the biggest organ affected by the immune system, so build a healthy lifestyle, improve physical and mental health is essential.

How to prevent it?

Eat healthily, try to work out, try your best to release stress, drink water!

Build a good skincare routine with organic skincare products!

How to build a good skincare routine

Correct understanding of your skin type.

Many people don’t know their skin type correctly because skin responds in different ways when damaged. You can ask a skincare specialist or any professionals who can help you with the correct understanding. Even email us to get advice on the right product selection.

Build a good skincare routine with natural skincare products.


Don’t overly cleanse!!!

Use a mild PH balancing cleanser.

Avoid any scrub products!

Avoid double/triple cleanse, make the step simple.


Choose an alcohol-free toner.

Gently press Ginseng Ferment Elixir to absorb, do not swipe.


Hydrate and soothe!

Take 0.5ml ProB5HA Full Spec Quenching Serum, gently press to absorb. This full-spec hydrating serum contains 30 times more small monocular hyaluronic acid, helps you deeply hydrate thirsty skin, quickly calm and soothe redness and dehydration, and effectively plump.


The best moisturizer during season change is the super mild one. Yet, it gives enough hydration and can help recover skin damage.

Our Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil is an oil serum and moisturizer. It contains abundant antioxidants and essential fatty acids, helps skin recovery and restoration, and effectively moisturizes without clog pores.