How to Hydrate Dry Skin around the EyesMoisturizing and hydrating are essential for healthy skin. If they are not done correctly, you might end up with some unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Though keeping every part of your body moisturized is immensely important, a few areas still need special care regarding hydrating and moisturizing. One of the areas around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, and dehydration is evident around the eyes.

This dehydration around the eyes can also make puffiness and dark circles visible. So how to hydrate dry skin around the eyes? If that’s the answer you have been searching for, then you are at the right place.

Here we will be discussing the perfect tutorial on how to hydrate around the eyes and everything you need to do to keep your skin flawless and free from blemishes.

What Causes Dehydration around the Eyes?

As you know by now that the area around the eyes is comparatively much thinner than the rest of your face. This means it’s hard to retain moisture in that area, and the area dries out faster than the rest of the face.

Often it’s even hard to figure out that the area is dehydrated. Though having dry, dehydrated skin isn’t only uncomfortable, the skin can become cracked, itchy, reddened, irritated, or even discolored in no time.

This dehydration around the eyes affects skin elasticity and can lead to premature wrinkles. So here are some of the ways you can prevent dryness and dehydration on your skin.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

If it is not apparent by now, to hydrate the dry skin around the eyes, you must always keep yourself hydrated. So it doesn’t matter if it’s the neck, hand, area around the eye, or any body part; hydrating from the inside is essential for your skin.

2. Stay Away From Drying Elements

To hydrate the area around the eyes, you must avoid known skin driers. The skin driers that can make your skin condition worse include damage done by the sun, dehydration, caffeinated beverages, and even alcohol.

So it’s crucial to stay away from all known skin driers and try to avoid things that might potentially dry out your skin, leading to dehydration.

3. Keep Your Skin Stress-Free

Some of us might not even realize the importance of this step. To keep the area around the eyes hydrated, it is vital to keep it away from any stress.

Now stress on the skin might should a little odd, but your skin needs to be free from any stress, especially in sensitive areas. You can have to keep it stress-free by avoiding rubbing under the eye and by preventing the use of overly hot water on your face.

Make sure to use a clean makeup brush and avoid reapplying makeup under the eye too often. By doing all this, you can surely keep your skin free from any stress.

4. Use the Right Products

Using the right products can be divided into different categories of skin care products, and to make things easy and brief for you, we have listed some of the best products that would help you keep your skin safe.

The first step in choosing the right products is getting rid of the wrong ones you might have on your shelf. Always go for organic skin care products and avoid products with chemicals.

Overusing skin products like scrubs, peels, and deep cleansers can harm your skin and dry it out. So it is better to eliminate all the harsh products on your skin as the area around the eyes is more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Apply Sunscreen

If you didn’t know by now, applying sunscreen can help your skin stay hydrated by protecting it from the UV rays emitted by the sun. Not only that, but it also helps your skin with skin cancer.

One of the crucial areas to cover while applying sunscreen would include the under-the-eye area, as most of us avoid fearing that the formulation might get into our eyes and affect them.

Nonetheless, to keep your area around the eyes hydrated, it is essential for you to carefully apply sunscreen over the area as it will protect your skin from any environmental damage.

Apply the Right Eye Serum

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and deserves to be treated the right way. Now, if under the eye area is your primary concern, then get yourself an eye serum that can get the job done. You can apply eye serum before sunscreen for better and long-lasting results.

One of the best eye serums recommended is Persephone Eye Serum Oil. The benefits of this serum are countless. Not only does it hydrate your under the eye area, but the rare ingredients like sacha inchi oil and squalane in the serum make this a must-have.

The serum helps with hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of discoloration, including in the dark areas around the eyes. The serum also helps the skin with collagen production and keeps the skin happy yet youthful.

You can get the serum in two sizes, one in a 15 ml bottle while the other is a 30 ml bottle. Applying this serum is easy; you must take a drop or two on your fingers and gently pat it on the eye. Make sure that you pat and not run the serum at any point and keep away from eye contact.

5. Have a Proper Diet

Having a proper diet is as essential as leg day in a gym. It would be best if your diet plan were full of antioxidant-rich foods along with leafy greens and vegetables. You can feel free to add nuts along with some colored fruits.

Things you should avoid in your diet include chips or any processed food, carbonated drinks, and refined carbohydrates, which means you have to avoid all sorts of cookies and cakes.

6. Take Care of Your Allergies

One of the last things you would want to do to keep your eye area hydrated is treating your allergies in the right way. Itchy eyes can cause allergies, and when you rub a particular area of your face, that leads to stress, general stress, or micro tears.

If you have allergies, then your priority should be consulting a physician. You can try getting antihistamines, like Zyrtec or Allegra. If consultation isn’t what you want, you can opt for Lymphatic drainage massages.

These massages can be done at home and can reduce puffiness. The massages also help with leveling the pillow, ensuring that water doesn’t pool underneath your eyes, and can help your skin with puffiness.

Final Words

Knowing how to hydrate the dry skin under the eye is critical as the area is already sensitive and must always be held with care. Make sure you use the right products that are organic and maintain a balance to avoid all sorts of wrinkles, fine lines, and redness around the eyes area.