What Does Jennifer Aniston Use for Skincare

What Does Jennifer Aniston Use for Skincare?

What Does Jennifer Aniston Use for SkincareHave you ever wondered while watching TV what Jennifer Aniston even uses for skin care? The woman is in her 50s yet she has glowy skin that can’t be matched with many actresses that are in their 30s. So the real question remains unanswered: what does Jennifer Aniston use for skincare.

Though you can feel free to do your research as everyone on the internet have their own opinion about Jennifer Aniston’s skincare routine. Nonetheless, we have compiled the whole skincare routine in the shortest yet easiest way for you. So without further ado let’s dive into the prime discussion.

Tips to Have a Skin like Jennifer Aniston

Before we answer the question, what does Jennifer Aniston use for skincare? There are some tips other than her skincare routine that can help you get better results of the skincare routine. All of these tips are followed by the beauty goddess herself and help her maintain healthy, blemish-free skin even in her early 50s. So here are the tips that she follows

1. The Morning Routine

It doesn’t matter if Jennifer Aniston wakes up as early as 5 am or as late as 9 am, celery juice is a must-have for her to start her day and that is the first thing she has when she gets up in the morning.

The next thing she adds up to her morning routine is a shot of apple cider vinegar. This shot helps her cholesterol and blood sugar levels to stay low. Then she meditates for half an hour before she eats anything.

2. A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet is crucial for Jennifer Aniston. Not only does it help her maintain herself but also helps her with her skin. She is reported to eat the same salad every day for 10 years as she is a strong believer of what goes in one’s body has an effect on how one looks outside.

One of the most typical things she would get herself for breakfast would be a protein shake that is fully packed with berries, leafy greens, and stevia. To keep it all balanced, she also follows the 16:8 intermittent fasting.

In her intermittent fasting, she fasts for 16 hours a day and eats meals in the remaining 8 hours she is left. Her main diet usually holds high protein and low-fat meals. This means she eats fresh veggies and fruits along with lean protein such as fish.

3. Hydration and Workout Are the Key

Despite her busy schedule Jennifer Aniston makes sure to stay hydrated all the time. She always has dozens of water bottles with her which keeps her hydrated throughout the day. While she has her work out every once in a while.

Whether its strength training, yoga, cardio, spin, or just boxing she just loves to move her body every day. The workout she does five days a week consists of low-impact and high-intensity exercises which keep her fit and healthy.

What Does Jennifer Aniston Use for Skincare?

Now for the moment, we have all been waiting for, what does Jennifer Aniston use for skincare? Though there’s a list of products and we will list each and everything down. Keep in mind that most of the items on the list are natural skincare products and work best when applied with consistency. So here is what Jennifer Aniston uses for her skincare

1. The Basic Facial

When it comes to Jennifer Aniston’s skincare routine, the very first thing she does is start with something super basic, something that is affordable for all of us and that is a facial bar.

She uses the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, as she says that this bar alone cleans her skin while making sure that it doesn’t dry out. Sher further mentions that the bar has been perfect for her skin for years.

The soap would be ideal for someone who has a normal to oily skin type as if you are someone with sensitive or dry skin, the soap can be a bit drying for your skin. Though the main purpose of this facial bar is to keep the skin hydrated for a longer period even after dozens of water bottle consumption.

In case you find the facial bar too drying you can also try Dionysus Elixir Toning Serum which not only helps your skin with hydration but also lifts off flakiness, boosts collagen production and skin’s metabolism giving you a balanced look.

2. Face Mask

If you are someone who follows Jennifer Aniston on her Instagram, then you must be aware that she’s a huge fan of face masks. The mask does a great job at peeping up the eye area and would always come in handy before a big event.

One of the basic mask sets that are worth investing in and will get you the desired results in minimal time would be the Ginseng Root Ferment Elixir Mask Set as these masks can balance your skin, and brighten it while giving you a healthier look overall.

On the other hand, if you are someone who’s suffered from hormonal breakouts then you should use 111Skin’s Anti-Blemish Bio Cellulose Mask.

3. Moisturizer

When talking about Jennifer Aniston skincare it’s impossible to miss out on a moisturizing serum that keeps her skin glowing even in her 50s.

The Prob5ha Full Spec Quenching Serum is one the only moisturizing serum that you will ever need for glowing skin like Jennifer Aniston. The serum is perfect because it will help your skin get the essential quantity of hyaluronic acid.

Getting the essential amount of hyaluronic acid is important for the skin because it helps the skin by increasing the moisture level by 20% and also increasing the skin’s absorption capability by 3 times.

Moisturizing is recommended for those people who suffer from really dry skin as the serum will help your skin stay fresh, and nourished and also give it a smooth appearance.

Though having a serum like this is not cheap, the outcome that you get after applying this is all worth every cent of yours.

4. Fancy Gadgets

Another thing that makes Jennifer Aniston’s skincare hers, is her fancy gadgets. Let’s be honest the actress earns and loves to spend it on herself.

Certainly, there is a list of gadgets that are a must-have if you want skin like Jennifer Aniston. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to go for natural skin care products to have lavish results without the fear of any reaction.

The gadgets that Jennifer Aniston uses include the Gold Sculpting Bar, this bar is all that she needs to lift, tone, and contour the skin.

The bar does a great job as well when it comes to reviving tired and puffy skin around the eyes. While using it is super easy to use. The other gadget that Jennifer Aniston uses is the Nano Current Device.

The nano current device is admired by the actress, this is because the device is capable of an electrical facial at home.

Final Words

Though the question of what Jennifer Aniston use for skincare is answered, one should always go for a routine that is beneficial and nonreactive to their skin rather than choosing products that might affect the skin.